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Residual Income

In this article we will discuss the benefits from Residual Income – or the concept of working once, then getting paid on an ongoing basis afterwards.

Residual Income (also called Passive Income) is income earned on an ongoing basis for effort done once in the past. The benefits residual income this is obvious: You get to do the work only once, and then get paid again and again without any further effort.

Some examples of residual income:

  • Actors can earn residual income from their movies: Act once, get paid as long as someone is buying the movie.
  • Authors can earn residual income from books: Write once, get paid as long as someone is buying the book.
  • Webdevelopers can make money from their websites: Create a site once, make money as long as someone is visiting the site and the site is converting.
  • Save and invest money: You may have earned the money once in a "normal" job, then your money grows and you make residual income in the form of interest or dividends.
  • Photographers can earn residual income by taking a picture once, and selling it through a stock photography site over and over again.

Residual Income vs. Reccuring Income

Reccuring income is something completely different than Residual Income.

Examples of reccuring income could be to get paid to provide a monthly membership to a newsletter. You would have to continue writing the newsletters to make money.

For Residual Income, this is not the case. Reccuring income is income that that does not require your direct involvement.

Examples of Residual Income

Several of the methods I teach is in fact, based on residual income. For example, in our step-by-step guide to creating Ringtones Websites I suggest that you create the site and do some SEO work, and then forget about it while (hopefully) the site will earn you top dollar.

Another great example of making resudual income online is with a CPC website, such as in our AdSense Website Guide, again the principle is the same: You create the site once, forget about it, and yet you're making money from it. Sure, you might want to devote a few hours per year to update the site and do some SEO work now and then to ensure its position, but you don't have to work for hourly wages, and that's the point with residual income.